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I'd like to introduce you two girls :> i think they are a bit similar and also similar to Lily Cole

Stanislava (Stasya) Izumova

red light by alinashamalova kinda hate by alinashamalova red by alinashamalova 018 by virginia-ateh simmer down by alinashamalova :thumb281235003: yellow by alinashamalova defiance by alinashamalova don't belong here. by perhydrol orange by alinashamalova undead by perhydrol so real by alinashamalova 005 by virginia-ateh chains by alinashamalova not clear by alinashamalova cyan by alinashamalova blue by alinashamalova 305 by virginia-ateh stanislava by alinashamalova :thumb196124681: the bride is.. by perhydrol cut it out. by perhydrol fin by alinashamalova


cold by lucifersdream Eternal Silence by just4fun31 lost by lucifersdream Fire and Ice by just4fun31 lonely hills by lucifersdream cofee house by lucifersdream afgan by lucifersdream cold2 by lucifersdream lonely hills2 by lucifersdream Ginger by just4fun31 Hope by just4fun31 1 by lucifersdream waves by lucifersdream The girl with matches by just4fun31 Coddy I by just4fun31 don't wanna see by lucifersdream Temporary Peace by just4fun31 Cristal Clear by just4fun31 dreamy by lucifersdream Rebel by just4fun31 coffee house 2 by lucifersdream retro chic nu tre' sa-i zici asa by lucifersdream the wall 2 by lucifersdream Sprinkle by just4fun31 relax by lucifersdream red riding hood by lucifersdream
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October 11, 2012


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